Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The top floor of the World Trade Center.  February 2000, the night I got engaged. This photo makes me happy, and sad. 

Like life. Seemed appropriate on a day of remembrance. 

My thoughts are with all who lost loved ones on September 11th.  I hope this anniversary brings you happy memories, peace, and healing.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Next David Sedaris (if he were a woman, also a mom, also not from North Carolina ...)

I have been quiet about these here parts.  I know.  I've missed you.  I've been busy.  I've moved.  I cut bangs.  I made my hair red.  I adopted a dog.  Joined a farmers' co-op.  Bought some new towels.

Also, wrote a book.  That's right, a whole book, with 159 pages to read, full of words.  

I have a "producer" and the next step is publishing.  He is going to work his editing magic, sprinkle the project with unicorn dust, hand it off to some elves, and then I will have an actual book!  After that comes the obvious; fame, fortune, and an appearance on "Ellen" where we will discuss our mutual love of pants and dancing.

Here's the early press blurb for the impatient amongst you:

Always Forward, Never Straight 

The life and times of a directionally challenged mother/lawyer/crazy woman.

A humorous and thought provoking venture into a "not so everyday" life.
Jennifer Sebor "is a mess." It is this "mess" that is the joy of knowing her and opens you to the insight of her words and life's adventures.

In the past five years, she has endured a brain tumor diagnosis, forcibly retired from her law career, dealt with a loved one's fatal neurological illness, endured a bitter divorce and custody battle, yet maintained her sanity and sense of humor through it all.

Venturing into Jenny's world provides us not only with a better understanding of who she is, but who we are, and how to face life's challenges with strength, love and amazing humor. Topics include parenting, intellectual masturbation, love, leukemia, terminal brain disease, marriage and divorce, rabies, kittens, law professors, soaking oneself in gasoline without combusting, ghetto life, vaginas after childbirth, Dracula tackling goats, and Chadley Cooper. And, of course, penises.

May result in sudden outbursts of laughter and tears, often simultaneously.

You like the Facebook?  I know you do, that Mark Z. kid is a genius!  

Go here for the Facebook link:

That's it!  He will be allowed to read it when he is eighteen.  Or, twenty-one .... OK, thirty-one.